Hasbah Kenya Ltd (HKL) is a distribution company representing leading brands from the world’s finest company in Kenya. We are driven to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence in everything we do.


We are guided by our purpose to win with our customers through valuable solutions, local operation and organizational excellence.
We believe that our success is derived from our people and the values by which we live. Thus, we always strive to recruit the most professional people, who bring these values to life. We act on the conviction that our employees will always be our most important asset.


We embrace a philosophy of shared values throughout the company focused on:




We operate with a sense of responsibility, while demonstrating leadership, involvement and personal initiative to achieve our full potential.




We achieve optimal results by developing our capabilities and continuously improving work processes as well as personal and organizational efficiency.




We act with integrity, transparency and mutual respect, upholding our ethical principles, and in accordance to the letter and spirit of the law.




We all need to work together to win. We are committed to mutual support and sharing ideas and knowledge, contributing to the company and our long-term success.




We strive for excellence in everything we do with diligence and determination.

Our values fuel our quest for operational excellence in all we do, by continuously working driving us toward improved productivity, new and advanced infrastructures and organizational methods that leverage our core capabilities and ensure higher standards with lower costs – without ever compromising on quality assurance and safety.

At HKL , we love challenges! Our track record speaks for itself. We established fully operational Business Units in Kenya with just a small task force in minimal lead-time, while overcoming tough and complex market structures by taking advantage of our advanced, and field-proven, processes.