Our coverage model reaches every store within the country through a combination of direct and indirect distribution. We cover the entire territory through an organizational structure that is designed to answer specific channel needs.

These channels encompass:


Either chains or independent stores, our Account Teams work closely with retailer buyers using a Joint Business Plan to optimize ROI in promotions, visibility, and other cooperative efforts.

Convenience stores
Our goal is to build brand awareness, coverage and visibility in this challenging market segment, where shelf-life and price are such sensitive parameters.

Open Markets

Working in open markets requires intuitive adaption of existing operating strategies. A dedicated team ensures product availability on shelves, risk management, and logistics in this challenging and increasingly popular market channel.


With over 10 years of experience our supply chain management is designed to allow suppliers and customers allocate resources accurately and on time, and ensure products are available for sales on the retail shelf. We achieve this through an integrated business planning process of      S & OP (sales & operational planning) that brings together all stakeholders, whether internal or external, to plan and drive business forward. Where applicable, merchandising experts work side by side to diligently ensure brand visibility in accordance with retailers’ guidelines and agreements.