HKL processes are fully compliant with required standards and ensure that our customers and stakeholders needs are met. Our team of quality assurance managers and internal auditors also ensure Business Units are fully compliant with all local regulations, and take proactive measures to avoid issues before they occur. Confidentiality is upheld in all business dealings, and a full set of audit, and ethical conduct manuals are maintained and available to suppliers as part of our “open books” policy.


At HKL, our aim is to succeed with our customers through offering valuable solutions through operations and organizational excellence. From a family business to a distribution company we have grown to become a largest distributor in Kenya, uniformly applying proven customer-centric strategies, best-in-class executions and superior human resources development throughout our organization – in a culture imbued with integrity, social responsibility and accountability.


The entire companies activities benefit from excellence in end-to-end supply chain management and logistics, supported by fully integrated systems. We leverage the companies’ strengths and proven capabilities to support all business units, applying a uniform corporate culture and standards throughout our operations. All of the Business Units benefit from uniform control and governance that ensures the highest standards of internal control, safety, corporate responsibility and risk assessment.


Our rapid and successful expansion was facilitated and supported by Proctor & Gamble’s aggressive innovations and support coupled with the need to achieve 100% distribution in the country. All of our Business Units have built solid infrastructures and developed strong teams of dedicated professionals and staff.


We are the official and exclusive distributor for P&G, and we intend to expanding into other categories of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.


With an uncompromising commitment to service, long-term growth and continuous improvement in all spheres of activity, we are highly regarded throughout the industry for excellence in logistics, sales and marketing and for an ideal model of integrating them successfully.








We take pride in our ability to identify the right opportunities for suitable brands in every market we operate. This fuels future growth by expanding into new territories and representing P&G brands.


HKL unique and proven model is based on acquired know-how and expertise, and the ability to adapt to new market structures and needs.


hasbah kenya limited  has a deep understanding of the market segments it operates in. we are uniquely adept at identifying our customers’ needs and offering solutions to meet those needs by integrating superior logistics, sales, and distribution in an ideal model that has proven itself time and again.




Hasbah will continue recruiting the finest people and encourage them to develop toward leadership. Our teams’ commitment, professionalism and ambition to win are well recognized and appreciated by our customers.




We are firm believers of promotion from within to strengthen our Group and encourage our staff to excel. As a result, we invest significantly in training and coaching to maximize development, enabling our employees to advance quickly throughout the organization and build successful, satisfying careers.



Our substantial size and scale demands we invest in processes and infrastructure, such as a large-scale ERP system like SAP. This will help us manage our business professionally in all the places where we operate.


Hasbah’s processes are the very building blocks of our company and that is what makes our company a leader in distribution. Over the years we have been proud to introduce new processes, from strategic planning to end-to-end supply chain management, to create business models that redefine best-in-class in the field of logistics and distribution, and that connect all the elements to deliver a complete solution for all the departments that support our core operations.

We leverage our organization’s strengths and proven capabilities to support operations and apply a uniform corporate culture and processes throughout our operations. This is supported by uniform control and governance that ensures internal control, high levels of safety, corporate responsibility and risk assessment.

Strategic planning begins at the top level, across all Business Units, work teams, till the single employee, to make sure maximum alignment with the Group strategy. It not only defines the playing field, but sets into motion the processes required to win business and maintain customer’s satisfaction. This strategy is based on three key factors:

  • The customer is “the boss”
  • Operational excellence
  • A winning organization

HKL’s corporate structure ensures that knowledge and winning strategies are shared and communicated among all business units, timely and efficiently in accordance with the needs of the markets we operate in. Strategic processes cross all business units, teams, departments and individual employees in order to make certain that all are well-aligned with our overall strategy.

Recognizing that customers’ needs are constantly changing, we are committed to continuous improvement in all our processes in order to meet those changing needs.

Throughout HKL, we apply a lean managerial methodology which results in significant breakthroughs and improvements in a number of core processes. In addition, we believe that what works for us, can also work for others. We share knowledge and experience with our customers, and assist our partners improve their business, seeking ways to improve efficiency by leading cross organization improvement projects.

Processes, such as:

  • Full S&OP implementation that reduced inventory levels
  • Areas that require ERP solution
  • Special online alerts mechanism to prevent shelf stock shortages

A detailed set of inter-department and external organization key performance indicators (KPIs), are just a few examples of how Hasbah will ensure streamlined, efficient and profitable operations. These statistics span sales, operations, finance, human resources, and IT,

Hasbah intends to implements and maintains comprehensive quality control and assurance policies at all levels of the organization, and consistently monitors customer and supplier satisfaction through periodic customer satisfaction surveys. The results will be carefully studied to evaluate customer’s satisfaction. The survey will evaluates dozens of parameters, among them:

Delivery quality

  • Concern and sensitivity to customers’ needs
  • HKL’s image
  • Level of professionalism
  • Responsiveness to extraordinary demands and requirements