HKL’s IT solutions will be one of our key strengths. We intend to roll out ERP that will intergrate all our business operations including WMS, and Business Planning; Roadnet and Territory Planning for shipments and sales route optimization and ivy MOBILE solutions for presales, van sales, point of sale, proof of delivery, tracking and controlling.



We are committed to supplying every order on time with 100% CFR while maximizing productivity, quality and accuracy. Our best-in-class WMS systems will provide flexible and efficient automated processes throughout all warehouse activities, including goods receipt, put-away, replenishment, picking (pick by voice), loading and control. Our processes will be fully traceable in the ERP system, and the entire supply chain will be documented with advanced video technology.




We need to support managers to make the right decision at the right time for our customers. In order to do this, we will collect data and generate timely analysis with visualized dashboards that only best-in-class companies have. HKL’s state-of-the-art Decision Support Systems will generate meaningful business insight that will support enhanced efficiency and improvement through strategic and tactical decision making. The Business Intelligence (BI) Systems will provide historical and current data, as well as business forecasts that facilitate identifying patterns that are significant for management. This system will also generate reports, alerts and signals that support management decisions.




We accept nothing less than full transparency with our customers. HKL has an open connectivity policy based on its Win-Win, open relationship approach. We are always available to partners and respond quickly to requests. We offer our partners full interface and access to with our supply chain, and we intend to provide our customers access to our BI environment, limited only by permission rights once its fully automated and running.





We need to fix our warehouses and delivery teams with high quality and efficient operation, assisted by three key principles:




As markets become more and more competitive, we want to stay one step ahead by always seeking ways to decrease logistics costs and improve operations. We will consistently perform deep methodical operational analysis to design and deploy more efficient processes.



In order to encourage and drive staff productivity and manage costs, we plan to proactively incentivize according to performance. Incentives will be linked to key performance indicators, that include quality, and operational measures that are constantly being reevaluated and updated.

We will work on programs to ensure Our warehouses meet international ISO requirements and we will be flexible and open to meet specific requirements set by suppliers. We will also maintain temperature controlled areas.


Over the years this has been a challenge but our supply chain teams make sure all products reach the shelf at the right time by following an integrated S&OP (sales & operational planning) business planning process.

With extensive experience in import, customs clearing and local regulations, we offer the highest levels of service. We also leverage external professional consultants to make certain we are always well-aligned with most recent updates in the industry, as well as with the latest technologies, such as demand planning tools.


HKL intends to dedicated 1,000 square meter value added services facility, with a climate controlled floor and specialized warehouses to offer in the highest quality in the industry, fast execution and very competitive pricing.

The facility will offer a wide range of automated and manual services that meet all relevant internal quality standards, such as P&G QA standards

The value added services will include:

  • Labeling (manual and automatic)shelf-stocking
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Production of (Labels and barcodes
  • Designing specialty point-of-sale promotional collateral
  • Wide range of manual packaging solutions (gift sets, coupon insertions)
  • Adapting electrical appliances to meet local standards